COPPER — A great conductor of energy it is often referred to as the healing metal and is believed to bring good luck to the person who wears it.  Its conductivity makes it an excellent choice for improving energy flow throughout the body and circulatory system, thus aiding in detoxification, inflammation and many other common ailments; and aids in overcoming lethargic tendencies and increasing stamina. Copper not only enhances the physical energy it is also a conductor of spiritual energy between individuals, crystals, auras, the mind and the spirit world. Combining copper with any crystal or stone enhances their healing properties. It even enhances the energy of Silver and Gold.

GOLD — Cream of the crop when it comes to metals, gold can strengthen ones confidence and is known worldwide as a symbol of wealth.  It is said to attract more wealth simply by envisioning increased wealth as you wear it. A highly reactive metal with highly protective properties, gold has been used for centuries in the making of amulets and other protective charms for adornment, comfort and strengthening the heart. Scientists have proven it has a positive effect on one’s mood and therefore, is beneficial during seasonal depression.  Gold attracts heat to the body and with its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties it is no surprise this is a metal of confidence.

SILVER  Silver is highly beneficial for increasing psychic sensitivity. It is also believed to regulate emotional balance, hormones and the function of glands. Astrologically the influences of silver are very closely related to those of the moon and its reflectivity aids in neutralizing negativity. Silver is an excellent metal for psychic work, enhancing dreams and intuitions. Silver aids in the reduction of blood pressure when worn on the ring finger, can help calm one’s nerves worn as a necklace and is believed to contain antibacterial properties. An excellent metal for reflecting negativity.

STAINLESS STEEL  On occasion, I like to utilize recycled stainless steel.  It is becoming more popular for its attractive, durable strength and is less prone to cause allergic reactions. Another protective metal, it helps to guard against extreme negativity, which tends to rapidly deplete one’s own energy.

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