Energy Properties of Stones

AGATES – Being from Minnesota we always think of the Lake Superior Banded Agate; however, there are many other varieties and all are stones of strength with a deep earthy connection. Harmonizing qualities bring a calm, meditative energy to relax your body, mind and spirit. An excellent protector it has been carried for centuries in amulets and medicine bags.

A variety of Superior, Fairburn, Brazil and Fire Agates

A variety of Superior, Fairburn, Brazil and Fire Agates

Fire Agate is also useful in removing heat from the body and may even reduce hot flashes. Moss Agate is very connected to nature, representing new beginnings. Newness in nature refreshes our spirit, strengthens positive personality traits and encourages personal growth. Think spring and how it can boost one’s self esteem. An optimistic stone, encourages trust, hope and valuable insight. Like moss itself, it is useful as an anti-inflammatory, detoxifying your circulatory and immune systems. Additional agates I like to use in my designs include Thunder Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, and beautiful Brazillian Agates.

AMAZONITE – An excellent stone for an amulet to hang from your computer, it is a powerful blocker of geopathic stress created by microwaves, cell phones, computers and other electromagnetic pollutants. Soothes and calms the brain and nervous system. Promoting positive communication, it aids in blocking negative energy and aggravation alleviating ones worry and fears.

Amethyst power stone

AMETHYST – A power stone with a high spiritual connection amethyst aids in blocking negative energy and balancing yin and yang. Beneficial for calming the mind to help alleviate insomnia, promote memory and allows you to be more focused in the decision making process. Amethyst helps to ease headaches and tension and promotes restful sleep when placed under your pillow. A beneficial stone to be worn by those who tend to overindulge.

AQUAMARINE – A spiritual stone of courage, aquamarine calms energies, reduces stress and quiets the mind. Promotes self-expression, aids in bringing out one’s own dynamic personality and releasing self-defeating traits. Sharpens intuition and encourages service to humanity by overcoming judgmentalism. Aids in the cleansing of organs and regulating hormones.

AVENTURINE – Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Defuses negative situations and aids in turning them around. A positive stone of prosperity it aides in promoting your leadership qualities, compassion, empathy and enhances one’s creativity. Balances male//female energies. Green aventurine is an excellent choice to stimulate emotional recovery as it guards one against negativity, comforts, harmonizes and protects the heart. Blue Aventurine is a powerful mental healer.

BloodstoneBLOODSTONE – An excellent blood cleanser, revitalizer and a powerful healer. Bloodstone reenergizes body and mind, heightens intuition and increases creativity. As one would assume, it is very beneficial to the blood rich organs as it promotes circulation and detoxifies the body. Revitalizes your exhausted spirit and aids in decision making processes.

CALCITE – A calcium balancer it aids in absorption of calcium and also helps to eliminate calcification, thereby strengthening and supporting one’s bones and joints. As an energy cleanser and promoter it has a positive effect instilling hope and increasing one’s motivation. As an emotional stabilizer it helps to calm the mind and boost memory. Gold calcite promotes mental energies and awareness. Orange calcite aids in overcoming depression and balancing emotions. It also aids in reproductive health, gallbladder and intestinal disorders. Yellow or golden calcite is an uplifting stone that stimulates the higher conscience and enhances meditation.

CARNELIAN – A high energy stone, carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones as well as restore energy, courage and positivity to one’s self. Useful in overcoming abuse and negative conditioning it promotes positive life choices, protects against rage, envy, resentment, calms anger and restores a love for life. Carnelian also stimulates metabolism and supports female reproductive organs, lower back problems, arthritis and aids in vitamin and mineral absorption. Pink carnelian is useful for promoting a parent-child relationship. Red carnelian invigorates body and spirit with its warm and energizing properties.

CITRINE – A very powerful cleanser with intense energies – a gift from the sun. A stone of inner calm it promotes joy and is believed to attract wealth and prosperity, while at the same time encouraging you to share what you have. Citrine imparts warmth, energy and grounds negative energy. A promoter of self-esteem and confidence, it aids in motivation of creativity, increases one’s optimism and encourages exploration. Also helpful in digestion and increases blood circulation.

FLUORITE – A great stone for learning it enhances concentration, quick thinking and is best for overcoming disorganization and chaos physically, mentally and emotionally. Heightening your intuition it can also aid in spiritual awakening. A strong protector it draws off negative energy and stress of all kinds and is extremely effective against computer and other electromagnetic stress. It is a powerhouse in treating infections, especially of the teeth, sinuses and skin cells.



There are numerous colors including Blue Fluorite, particularly useful for calming or revitalizing your energies; Clear Fluorite to harmonize your intellectual mind with the spiritual mind and align your chakras; Green Fluorite to alleviate emotional trauma, clear infections and stomach disorders and absorbing negative energy; Violet and Purple Fluorite are excellent meditation stones and useful in bone treatment; and Yellow Fluorite to enhance the creative mind and intellectual activity, as well as treating cholesterol and releasing toxins.

GRANITE  Composed  primarily of quartz and feldspar, Granite is a balancer of emotions and practicality and thus makes it a great balancer in relationships.  Works well on skepticism. Granite allows for increased protection and abundance by helping one to see the big picture.

HOWLITETeaches patience; aids insomnia by relaxing the mind; helps calm turbulent emotions and eliminate anger whether directed by you or at you. Strengthens positive character traits and helps to alleviate criticalness and selfishness. Howlite opens the mind to receive wisdom and insight; increasing one’s desire for knowledge. Useful in balancing calcium levels. Blue Howlite is said to aid in dream interpretations.

JADEPurity. Serenity. Tranquility. Jade is associated with the heart chakra and increases love and nurturing, releasing negative thoughts and irritability A harmonizing stone that integrates mind and body, stimulating ideas to make tasks easier it promotes self-sufficiency and encourages you – to be you. It is said to bring good luck and friendship. Jade is also a great cleansing stone for organ filtration and elimination – excellent for the kidneys.

The most common color, Green Jade, calms the nervous systems and helps to harmonize dysfunction in relationships. Blue/Blue Green Jade promotes peace and reflection bringing serenity and patience. Helps stabilize those who feel overwhelmed. Brown Jade connects to the earth and is a powerful stone for grounding one’s self. Orange Jade brings joy and instills the teaching that we are all related. Red Jade is the most passionate and stimulating. Other colors include Lavender, White and Yellow.   

Jasper. Red. Apple 1

Red and Apple Jasper

JASPER – The “supreme nurturer” bringing tranquility and wholeness during stressful times is a great balancer for yin and yang. Jasper aids in dream recall and stimulates one’s imagination helping to convert ideas and take action. It can bring about determination, courage and honesty with one’s self. Physically it reenergizes the body supporting the circulatory system, digestion and sexual organs as well as prolonging sexual pleasure. Balances the body’s mineral content.

Blue Jasper has a powerful spiritual connection. It is a great balancer of yin-yang, sustains energy during fasting and helps to balance mineral deficiency. Brown Jasper is connected to earth and ecological awareness, blocking geopathic and environmental pollution. Boosts immune system and helps rid the body of pollutants and toxins by stimulating the cleansing organs. It aids meditation and night vision; stability and balance. A good reinforcement for those trying to quit smoking.  Red Jasper is a great worry stone and calms emotion. Grounding energies it helps bring problems to the surface before they expand and allows you to tune into solutions to rectify the given situation.

       -Dragon’s Blood and Green Jasper — A balancer of mind, body and spirit it is a great promoter of love, inspiring compassion and releasing obsessions.  Stimulates the heart, digestion and purifies organs by releasing toxins. This stone will help you find the courage to face life head on in an honest and practical manner.

     -Mookaite Austrailian JasperEncourages new experiences and instills an inner calm in order to pursue them.  Fortifies immune system, heals wounds, and purifies blood.

      -Picture JasperTheEarth Mother” speaking to her children, picture jasper holds communications within pictures for those who can read them.  Buried feelings of guilt,

Red Creek Picture Jasper

Red Creek Picture Jasper

envy, hatred, love from past and present lives may surface within these messages.  Releasing these feelings promotes harmony and comfort.  A great cleanser for the kidneys and stimulator for the  immune system.

       -Tiger Iron  — A combination of jasper, hematite and tiger’s eye it promotes vitality, aids with change and avoiding danger.  Great for emotional or mental burn-out and stress.  A very creative and artistic stone it encourages one to pursue their talents.  Balances red and white blood cells eliminates toxins and aids the hips, legs and feet.  Tiger Iron also produces a natural steroid and should be kept in contact with the skin.

KYANITEDoes not hold negativity so does not require cleansing.  An excellent stone for meditation and encouraging psychic abilities it connects you to your spirit guides and promotes healing dreams. Kyanite has the ability to restore Qi to body and organs, balancing yin and yang, supporting brain and motor responses. It aids in lowering blood pressure, healing infections and releasing excess weight. Kyanite encourages truth, self-expression, communication and logical thought. Spiritually it assists in removal of “blind fate” and reveals the part you have played in creating life’s foundations, in order to balance your past. Blue Kyanite is great for performers and public speakers as it strengthens the voice and aids in healing of the throat and larynx.

LAPIS LAZULIStimulates spiritual and personal power it is a protective stone allowing contact with spiritual guardians.  It has the ability to block psychic attack and drive it out to its source.  Bringing an inner peace and enormous serenity, Lapis harmonizes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels creating deep inner self-knowledge.  Honesty, compassion, objectivity and clarity are brought to the forefront.  This assists in confronting the truth and accepting what it teaches, allowing you to openly express your own opinions.  Bonds relationships and encourages creativity. Beneficial to respiratory, nervous systems and bone marrow, as it cleanses organs. Also helpful for migraines, depression, hearing loss, vertigo, insomnia and aids in lowering blood pressure.

MAGNESITE — A very calming stone that promotes tolerance for nervous, irritable people, and allows you to stand back and let them be who they are. Magnesite encourages a positive attitude to life and helps egotistical people learn to listen. The brain-like form brings the mind into harmony helping stimulate and apply ideas in a particular situation.  It contains a high amount of magnesium and helps your body to absorb nutrients. Good for detoxification and body odor, it is an antispasmodic great for headaches and treating cramps of all kinds. Also useful in bone and teeth disorders, regulating body temperature, speeding up fat metabolism and dispersing cholesterol to aid in prevention of heart disease.

MALACHITE  — A powerful healing stone having a high copper content, Malachite also shares some of coppers energy properties.  With a high pulsating electromagnetic field it helps to absorb and protect one from negativity as well as cleanse the aura.  Those with a tendency toward vertigo may find it helpful as it eases and clams emotions and aids in strengthening overall stability and balance.  Emotionally Malachite supports and enhances empathy for others while enabling one to express and be responsible for their own true thoughts and feelings.  By doing so it is possible to overcome self-destructive tendencies, especially where love and romance are concerned.  Malachite itself should be cleansed periodically due to its absorption of negative energy.  Place it in the sun, in a geode or crystal quartz cluster.

MOONSTONE  — Named for its glowing sheen reminiscent of the moon this stone is strongly connected to feminine energies. Think confidence, joy and serenity. This aids in life cycles and especially the reproductive and digestive cycles.  It is an excellent choice for PMS, pregnancy, childbirth and even breast-feeding. A great stone for balancing the male-female energies and calming overly aggressive people it is also beneficial in assimilating nutrients, eliminating toxins and ridding the body of excess fluid. An intuitive and reflective stone, it is a strong calmer of emotions inducing empathy and providing a deeper emotional healing. The Rainbow colored stone is the most sought after due to its many special qualities. When you move these stones around, you often see beautiful shades of blue and purple reflected back at you. A full moon will heighten this stones powerful energy.

ONYX  A great stone for strength and support during times of high stress, either physical or mental. A booster of self-confidence it puts one at ease in their own skin. It is said to carry the memories of those who wear it and is an excellent stone for past life healing and releasing grief and sorrow. The universe has many healing energies that are facilitated through onyx, balancing yin and yang. Helping scattered minds to be more focused it has the ability to instill wise decision making.

PEARLS — Their healing qualities are associated with lunar energy. Pearls with a yellow luster are associated with prosperity; red-tinted with intelligence; white with fame; and blue tinted pearls with good fortune.

PREHNITEA very serene and spiritual stone said to be connected to spiritual and extraterrestrial beings, including the archangel Raphael.  It is a guide stone for spiritual growth enhancing one’s insight, putting them in touch with celestial energies. An excellent Feng Shui stone for the home and garden it helps one to rid their environment of clutter and organize what is truly important. It creates a sense of peace, a healing sanctuary promoting harmony in nature, revitalizing one’s spirit and surroundings. Among other qualities, prehnite is also useful for nightmares, phobias and helping hyperactive children.

QUARTZThe most powerful healing and energy amplifier it is very abundant throughout the world and has the ability to tune into specific energies required by the person wearing it, thus bringing one into balance. Quartz comes in numerous colors and stimulates the immune system; aids in cleansing the organs and the soul. Surrounded by a negative environment it acts as a great energy saver.

       -Rose Quartz Draws off negative energy, calming, reassuring, for a healthy heart.  Promotes family relationships.

Quartz. Smoky 2     -Smoky Quartz Its ability to absorb negative energy makes Smoky Quartz a great pain reliever, especially while suffering from recurring headaches and nerve pain.  Wearing Smoky Quartz aids the function of the adrenal glands making it beneficial for removal of toxins collected in the body.  Also great for regulating body fluids; strengthening the back, pancreas and kidneys; and supporting reproductive and fertility organs.

RUBY A symbol of friendship and love; a stone for energy, passion and zest for life; Ruby promotes positivity and courage, and supports removal of negative vibrations in life’s path.  It only goes to follow that Ruby would be a stone of enthusiasm, joy, contentment and peace.  Working with the flow of blood, Ruby is an excellent aid to circulation, providing cleansing and detoxification of the body, blood and lymphatic system; thereby fighting off infection or germs in the blood.  This makes Ruby very beneficial, not only for the heart, but also kidneys, spleen, reproductive organs, and increasing one’s vitality.  Ruby imparts the courage to be the best you can be, heightens your concentration and awareness and aids in retaining wealth and passion.  Color can vary from vermilion to red.

SARDONYX  Another stone of strength and protection, it is an excellent choice for mental focus as it encourages motivation and works to increase your willpower and discipline.  Sardonyx pulsates with energies of optimism and confidence, improving perception and thereby aiding in overcoming hesitancy as well as bringing happiness and stability in relationships. In addition, Black Sardonyx protects against and absorbs negativity; Brown Sardonyx creates an excellent grounding action through the earth; Clear Sardonyx purifies and strengthens the immune system and Red Sardonyx is a stimulator, useful for regulation of metabolism.

SOAPSTONE — The mineral Steatite is more commonly known as Soapstone.  Historically, known for its effect on treating skin problems including itching and rashes, today it is used in numerous cosmetic products. Creating a positive and calming energy it can be beneficial when going through major life changes as it keeps one grounded. Some believe it helps to broaden and develop ideas.

SODALITE Peaceful and calming, Sodalite may aid in cooling fevers, reducing one’s blood pressure and calming the thyroid, nervous system and other glandular functions.  By helping balance and calm endocrine functions, Sodalite may even reduce stress; and by increasing physical endurance, strengthens one’s metabolism.  Also a stone of creativity, Sodalite is said to promote inspiration and creativity.  At the same time it acts as a protector against those who may attempt to steal away with your inspired creations and claim them for themselves.  To obtain the strongest benefits, use it abundantly by carrying the stones, wearing them or placing them throughout the home.

SPINY OYSTER BLOCK The Incas believed the orange spiny oyster was the color of communication, energy and fertility. It helped with depression, the function of the heart, the immune system and was a stimulant for the nervous system.  Orange is a power color of vitality and endurance. The color stimulates enthusiasm and creativity, encouraging a willingness to embrace new ideas. A healing color, in times of stress or shock can help balance your emotions.  They believed the purple spiny oyster was the color of good judgment and was used by those seeking spiritual fulfillment. A color for peace of mind, it is used for meditation. Encourages fantasy, mystery, and imagination.

TIGER EYE  Containing energies of both the Sun and the Earth, this stone creates a high vibrational state that is grounding, yet draws spiritual energies down to the Earth.  Credited with improving one’s eyesight, it is also believed to augment the power of one’s insight.  Like the Chinese yin-yang symbol, it contains both light and dark interchangeably as one turns the stone.  This makes it an excellent balancer of yin/yang energies, softening stubborn tendencies and strengthening connections to the will and personal power we all possess. Centering and balancing, Tiger Eye aids in gathering scattered information to create the whole.  Promoting one’s self worth it is beneficial in discovering one’s own talents and abilities, as well as discerning the truth in any given situation and overcoming faults of our own.  Also beneficial in calming the nervous system  and dissolving physical and emotional constrictions.

   Hawks Eye 2    -Hawk Eye   A form of Tiger Eye with a dark blue shade, it is said to make one’s vision and insight soar, thus increasing clairvoyance and the ability to release past negative behaviors that have become ingrained. Improving negativity and pessimism it aids in increasing one’s self worth.

TURQUOISE An ancient stone and highly effective healer and protector of the body and spirit, Turquoise has been used for centuries as an amulet.  Highly revered by Native Americans, they believed “sky stone” or “stone of heaven” brought great protection to the carrier and the vibrations of turquoise could build a spiritual bridge between worlds, giving strong psychic powers to the bearer.  Said to enhance intuition and mediation, it attunes the spiritual and physical being and brings together male and female energies.  A stone of purification, Turquoise protects against negativity, toxins and the constant bombardment of electromagnetic pollution.   Useful for creative expression, boosting self-worth, and calming emotional mood swings.  An excellent stone for the whole body it supports the immune system; aids in rebuilding tissue and assimilating nutrients; and is especially helpful for cataracts, gout, stomach and reducing acidity.  Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is beneficial for arthritis, alleviating cramps and pain. Turquoise is considered to be a symbol of generosity, sincerity, and affection.




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