Energy Properties

Spirit Stone Design started with my love of nature and my desire to create. It is also vital for my designs to reflect my values and beliefs.  The person who ultimately wears a Spirit Stone Design should be enriched by a piece of art very personal to them.

I am a firm believer in Holistic Healing and Metaphysical Energy. These ideas have been associated with crystals, gemstones and precious metals for centuries. In researching energy properties of various stones and metals I have not found scientific proof of the proclaimed benefits and healing powers of crystals and other gemstones. Yet, I use them myself to protect, aid healing, and support my overall wellbeing. For example, I keep Bloodstone next to my bed in case a need arises in the middle of the night. Energy properties of bloodstone are said to help relieve headaches, earaches, cramps, even an upset stomach. Crystal quartz acts as an absorber and protector against negative energies.  I seldom leave home without wearing my crystal pendant. This is especially true on high stress workdays. The nature of my career is such that I am involved in negative, high conflict interactions each day. I believe my crystal helps minimize the drain of energy on me and helps me function at my best.

The unique energy properties associated with these crystals, gemstones and precious metals will not likely exhibit their characteristics each time they are used. But the mind is a powerful thing and keeping our minds open to possibilities often leads to wonderful discoveries. The simple act of profoundly believing in something; be it the power of prayer, positive thinking, or the energies of stones; can personally internalize that belief. The power and effective healing become real to us. We often hear some things “need to be seen to be believed.” I think the contrary can also be true in that some things need to be believed in order to be seen.

My belief in these energy properties also inspired me to create custom designs in remembrance of special people. After my aunt passed away I used her pearls to design earrings for my mother. Wearing the earrings keeps the spirit of her sister near to my mother, and brings her comfort and happiness. This creates positive energy. I recently lost a good friend and fellow agate hunter. We laid out some of his tumbled agates and I created personal jewelry and embellishments for each family member. They wanted to hold onto the energy of their loved one in a very personal way. I truly believe these creations carry the energy of the person who owned and/or wore them.  Because we believe it, we feel it, and it reminds us of them.  This is a beautiful thing.

To unlock the energy properties associated with your Spirit Stone Design, visit my stone and metal energy properties page.

The information contained herein is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment.  It is simply a small compilation of old, new age and my own personal beliefs, about energy properties of specific stones, crystals and metals that I use in creating my designs.

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