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One of my biggest fans, my niece, now Mrs. Angela Howe, asked me to design wedding jewelry for one of the biggest days in her life – her marriage to Eric. I had the perfect milky white quartz stone for her – and I somehow knew it was meant for her. I immediately had two design ideas centered on her stone and she loved them. Opting for the more Grecian style to match her dress, I got to work.

As a gift to her bridesmaids, she gave everyone their choice of any style wedding jewelry they wanted. Together with her sister Amy, we decided on stones with their favorite colors to fit the ladies fun loving personalities. All of them of them were wearing a black dress and red shoes of their choice.

Rachel and Hannah opted for a necklace and earrings. I had no idea as to a good length so adjustable was mandatory. We laid out some basic ideas from the stones we chose, Angela snapped a couple phone pics and sent them. Sort of a pre-design consult, here’s what I’m thinking. A pink lover in the group threw me into a tizzy so I set her wedding jewelry aside. Pink has never been a favorite color but after working with her stones, I must say I’m a convert.

Amy purchased pearl earrings while in Hawaii (lucky girl!) so she decided on a bracelet in red glass and pearls with matching hair combs. The pearls were special, rescued from odds and ends after my aunt had passed away from cancer. It wasn’t until I actually started putting some of the designs together that Amy said “Hey, we should do pearls in everyone’s wedding jewelry since that’s Angela’s birthstone.” I had no idea but then it all made sense as to why the Bride’s stone was so perfect.

The wedding jewelry was almost complete when I finally met Rachel and Hannah at the bridal shower. I brought everything to custom size for them and was amazed at how spot on the designs were. Everything fit their personalities. Being the fun loving group they are I had nightmares prior to the wedding of someone’s jewelry flying across the dance floor. As wild as some of them got I’m so glad that dream never came true!

It absolutely poured that day – outside wedding – so I didn’t get the pictures I really wanted. Thanks Angela for giving me the honor of creating these designs for you!

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