Adam Ehret – Memorial Stones

The custom designs in this album were lovingly crafted in memory of Adam Ehret, a client’s son who passed away at a young age. He began picking up stones with his little hands as a toddler, saving them in his small little tin. Mom (Josie) begged him to get rid of them over the years but he never did. After discovering I loved working with stones and creating wearable memories of art, she rescued the little animal tin from the give away box and brought them to me. After a month of tumbling and polishing, I poured them out for her to see. She was overwhelmed by their beauty and brought to tears as she admitted “he’s laughing at me right now”.

After taking Adam’s stones home she held them, studied their unique details and felt the special energy within each one. When she was ready, she brought them back and allowed me to create a unique design specific to the stones she selected for each bracelet and pendant. Upon completion, Josie would stop over to have the bracelet custom fit to her wrist and order additional designs.

At Adam Ehret’s funeral, a butterfly landed on his mom’s shoulder. For Josie, this was a sign from heaven. She told me she had been looking for a butterfly necklace but nothing seemed right. After hearing her story and finding the perfect agate, the last piece I created for her was a butterfly, carefully carved from one of Adam’s agates.

Some of the designs I created were shared with other family members. Josie now wears a bracelet and pendant each day in memory of her son, Adam Ehret. This was truly a labor of love and a Spirit Stone Design in every aspect!

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