Custom Designs – Sold

When I first started making jewelry I pretty much gave it away. Even after all the encouragement from recipients, I never thought anyone would want to actually buy one of my pieces. Then I was offered the opportunity to sell on consignment in the Art Shack at Sundance Mountain Resort.

After a couple of months my first check arrived, then another. I began selling my designs exclusively at Sundance Mountain Resort and life was good. Then came a change in management at Sundance Mountain Resort, which resulted in a local artists only policy. Living in Wyoming, Minnesota and with renewed confidence, I was determined to find a new venue. I now sell my custom designs exclusively online, at local fundraisers and venues, private parties, and by appointment.

The designs pictured here are sold but will give you more ideas and insight into my creative work. Some were personalized and sized exclusively for clients. I also had the privilege of designing jewelry for clients in memory of a departed loved one. Created from stones their loved one collected, such as my friend Paul Bulen and a client’s son, Adam Ehret, or from a piece of jewelry they owned, these pieces are very meaningful to my clients. The jewelry designed for my niece’s wedding, incorporated a strand of pearls from my aunt who lost her battle to cancer. These memorial pieces are a real labor of love for me.

Contact me to inquire about your local fundraiser, a private party, for personalized designs and custom work for yourself, a gift, or in memory of a loved one.

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