Amethyst for Calming, Restful Sleep

Amethyst – Another Great Bedside Stone

Amethyst 2

Amethyst is another favorite stone of mine. I’ve always liked the deep shades of purple and lavender crystals and I keep a large piece of amethyst on my nightstand at all times. This piece was given to me by a dear friend who happens to be an energy healer. Her collection was amazing and the large pieces like this one, she found in the mine up in Thunder Bay.

I keep amethyst next to my bed for:

  • its calming properties
  • it aids those who suffer from insomnia due to an overactive mind, promoting a restful sleep
  • said to enhance memory it may help you remember and understand dreams (I’m a firm believer in dreams and their meanings but they aren’t always easy to figure out.)
  • easing headaches and tension. (My amethyst stone is too large for me to place directly on my pulsing headache area and with my bloodstone always handy I don’t need this option.)

I also love to create beautiful and powerful amethyst jewelry. There are a number of other beneficial energy properties to keep you balanced and motivated.

Wearing amethyst on a regular basis can help:Amethyst Copper Earrings

  • block geopathic stress, such as power line emissions
  • balance out your highs and lows keeping you emotionally centered
  • prevent overindulgence (useful for recovering alcoholics, eating disorders)
  • decision making by calming neuro stimulators thus keeping the brain focused
  • meditation
  • helps to eliminate recurring nightmares
  • metabolism and hormones
  • intestinal issues
  • ease ones passage into the spiritual world

There are so many great reasons to have amethyst with or around you on a daily basis. Click here for additional information on stone’s and their energy properties.

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