Lake Superior - A rock hounder's paradise

Agate Rocks

Prehnite, Black Onyx, and Pearl necklace

Turritella Jasper Fossil Bracelet


How I got started – as a rock hound for many years, everywhere you look in my surroundings be it gardens, home, work, car and even my purse --- there are stones. They are all different colors, shapes and sizes and each one has a uniquely different feel to it. Spiritual stones, heart shaped stones, rough, tumbled and semi-precious stones. They are all fascinating.

My professional life led me to meet a very special friend who also loves stones. Together we seemed to “heal each other’s spirit”. As an energy healer she introduced me to the various properties of crystals and other semi-precious stones. With encouragement from my husband, who my niece has dubbed “the wire master”, he and I began creating designs using copper, silver plated and other metals along with a variety of semi-precious stones. It seemed a natural progression to tumble, polish and use some of my own special “collector” pieces to compliment these and create uniquely natural, healing and inspiring jewelry.

Spirit Stone Design was born out of this passion. Each piece is custom-made, one of a kind, and created from the heart of the earth with selected stones that compliment, revitalize and heal your inner spirit. Wearing a specially designed piece can bring you peace and warmth or give you a revitalized energy.

From the heart of the earth and all corners of the world: different stones, different metals, different energies. Visit my Spirit Energy Properties page to unlock some of the mysteries of your favorites. If you don’t have one, you may discover one.